One arrest. One accusation. One unexpected accident can affect your life for years, if not forever. We are here for you. Defending your rights, reputation and freedom. We are your local Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyers. We are your local Ocala Personal Injury Lawyers. We're here to help you.

We Deliver Results.

This is our mission: To deliver results you can use. These words have deep meaning. They define our promise to you. We will continually provide compassionate, client-centered & aggressive representation of your Ocala Criminal or Personal Injury matter. Let us show you what we can do.


Our Ocala attorneys and support personnel work as a team. We collaborate on ideas to research Florida law, test theories, and answer your questions about Criminal Defense, Florida DUI charges, or Personal Injury cases. This combined approach benefits you as we fight your Federal Criminal case or your Florida Criminal, or Personal Injury case.


We know that you want more than fancy words and arrogant chest thumping. When you’re in a vulnerable place and your life situation hangs in the balance, talk is cheap. You deserve straight up, honest work. You want real value from your local Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyers and Ocala Personal Injury or Accident Attorneys. You need a patient, skillful attorney with a well-built strategic plan of defense. An aggressive plan that will help you get beyond the situation. A plan that delivers.


Our local Ocala criminal defense lawyers and local personal injury attorneys thrive in the trenches of real courtroom challenges and hard-won negotiations. Our attorneys know when to attack and when a creative approach is best to produce positive outcomes. Our combined 50 years of helping people like you overcome unimaginable challenges have forged a reputation built on delivering effective results in the Ocala and Gainesville areas.