Important Information Regarding the Coronavirus

Hey guys, it’s Andy from the AP Law Group. Call us if you have any questions about criminal law. Today I want to talk to you about social media and social distancing.  Because of the unfortunate situation that we find ourselves in, we’re not going to be able to meet in person with clients and prospective clients like we used to.  But we do have social media available. So if you would like a conversation with us, we have Zoom, FaceTime, as well as Skype available. And we also still do old-fashion telephone calls. So if you would like to speak to a lawyer about criminal law questions, give us a call at The AP Law Group (732-9191) Thank you!
Hello everybody. The criminal courts are closed in Marion County because of the coronavirus. However, Alavi & Pozzuto are still open.  If you have a loved one that’s still in a Marion County jail, and in need of bond, the criminal courts will still allow bond hearings. So if you have any questions about your rights during the closure of the criminal court system, please call us at 732-9191. Thank you.