Defending Federal Money Laundering Charges


Money laundering charges are extremely challenging to defend.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel recently reported that the former vice president of a respected Pompano Beach Porsche dealership has been arrested and is facing federal charges after he allegedly convinced customers to make down payments on exotic cars that did not exist. Authorities assert that the 44-year-old received over $2.2 million from approximately 30 customers who never received the Porsche that they pre-ordered. The then-vice president has been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and money laundering.

Federal money laundering charges can be some of the most challenging to overcome. If facing charges, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced federal defense attorney as soon as possible.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering occurs when an individual takes, or attempts to take, money that has been acquired from one activity and disguises the source of funds to make it seem like it originated from another activity. Under 18 U.S. Code 1956, which governs money laundering on the federal level, money laundering must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the federal government demonstrating that the money was derived from an actual criminal activity that is a violation of federal law. Additionally, the government must also prove that the person being charged had knowledge that the money had been obtained from criminal activity. The penalties for a federal money laundering conviction can include a fine of up to $500,000 as well as a prison sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Why are Federal Money Laundering Charges Challenging to Overcome?

One of the biggest reasons is that federal money laundering charges are often investigated for an extended period of time. However, many people accused of money laundering are also first time offenders, a fact demonstrated in the 2017 fiscal report generated by the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) which indicated that 71% of accused money laundering offenders that year had little or no prior criminal history. This can be an advantage when defending a money laundering charge.

Another reason that overcoming this offense can be challenging is the fact that it is typically accompanied by other offenses. The USSC also reported that over 68% of money laundering charges during fiscal year 2017 were based on the underlying offense from which the laundered funds were derived. Unfortunately, each additional charge must individually be overcome, each of which represents its own challenges in regard to the additional time, money, and difficulty it requires to defend them all.

Are You Facing Federal Money Laundering Charges?

There is no need to wait until formal charges are issued against you to pursue competent legal help. It is extremely important to consult with a federal defense lawyer as soon as you discover that you are under investigation for a federal criminal charge. The Gainesville and Ocala Federal Crimes Attorneys Alavi & Pozzuto provide aggressive defense for clients being investigated or prosecuted by the Federal Government. We can help you get the best of both worlds with big firm benefits as well as small firm attention from our team of experienced Trial Attorneys and professional and courteous staff. We are the legal team you want on your side. Contact us for immediate help today.