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We Protect your Rights in Florida Firearm Violations

The criminal defense attorneys at The AP Law Group are passionate about defending the rights and freedoms of Florida citizens. We are experienced in a wide variety of criminal defense cases, including those involving firearms and we have over 55 years of combined legal experience in criminal defense cases across Florida. Firearm offenses in the State of Florida are violations of the statutes that control and regulate the possession, use, sale, trafficking, manufacturing, and the importing/exporting of weapons.

Florida law allows residents to apply and hold a license to conceal and carry firearms. Non-residents are permitted to conceal and carry firearms in Florida if they have a license from one of the 36 states that have a reciprocity agreement. To be eligible for a firearm license, the applicant must be 21 years of age; however, they can be 18-20 years of age if they are in the armed forces. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident alien and have had less than two DUI convictions in the past three years. Florida law bans open carry of firearms except for certain situations.

Firearms and the Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution. However, there are laws regulating the usage of firearms. Violations of these laws have severe legal consequences. Public display and exhibition of a firearm in a threatening manner, in the presence of another, is a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by one year in prison, one-year probation and a one thousand dollar fine. Possession and discharge of a firearm at a school-sponsored event is a third-degree felony and punishable by five years in prison, five years’ probation, and a five thousand dollar fine. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is punishable to fifteen years in prison, fifteen years probation, and a ten thousand dollar fine. There is a ten-year mandatory prison sentence for carrying a weapon during the commission of a crime. To discharge a weapon during a crime is punishable by a mandatory twenty-year prison sentence and the use of a firearm with injury or death to another carries a twenty-five-year mandatory prison sentence. Penalties are enhanced with a history of criminal convictions.

The AP Law Group has over Fifty Years in Combined Criminal Defense and Trial Experience

If you are arrested for a firearm offense, The AP Law Group can provide representation to defend your rights and reputation. For illegal possession and illegal use of a firearm, the prosecution must have evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant committed the crime knowingly and willfully. Evidence discovered in an illegal search and seizure, without a warrant or probable cause, by law enforcement is a violation of the fourth amendment and that evidence is inadmissible in court. Attorneys Tania Alavi and Andrew Pozzuto can analyze the facts of the case against you and provide a solid defense for a dismissal or reduction of charges. A firearm conviction can permanently alter your employment status and child custody arrangement. There are many social and financial effects, such as limiting prospective housing opportunities and a loss of professional licenses. Contact or call The AP Law Group for the best possible legal counsel and we will discuss your options for an appropriate defense. Call us for more information at 352-732-9191.