From Campus to Courtroom: Defending College Students Charged with Crimes

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With the recent return of students to campuses, it is an opportune time to shed light on the issue of college crime. Crime on college campuses can be attributed to various factors. The age group prevalent on college campuses is often characterized by youthful exuberance and experimentation, sometimes leading to poor decision-making and risk-taking behaviors. In addition, substance and alcohol abuse can contribute to altercations and criminal incidents. Economic disparities among students also play a role, leading to instances of theft or property-related crimes. Whatever the cause, college students away from home, perhaps for the first time, face new freedom and may also make mistakes and face criminal charges. Sadly, an arrest can affect their eligibility to remain in college and reach their professional goals.

Crafting Futures through Legal Defense

The support of a criminal defense attorney can help shape the future of students facing challenging legal situations. At The AP Law Group, we are seasoned trial attorneys who understand that the legal system is frightening, especially for those juggling exams and social life. If you face state or federal criminal charges, we can help you build a solid defense to challenge the allegations against you. With decades of criminal defense experience, we know the inner workings of state and federal courts, and we offer personalized services to ease your concerns.

Crime Statistics: The University of Florida at Gainesville

Based on the information provided by the U.S. Department of Education, the University of Florida at Gainesville is identified as one of the college campuses with a higher prevalence of crime. The university has ranked number 21 out of over 14,000 institutions nationwide based on reported violent crime data. These statistics exclusively pertain to on-campus incidents. Notably, the data collected between 2019 and 2021 indicates that a significant portion, specifically 60%, of the overall violent crimes, is categorized as rape. It was reported that a higher number of rapes and sexual batteries occurred in 2022. Alongside these incidents of forcible sex offenses, other crimes with significant numbers were motor vehicle thefts, robberies, burglaries, and aggravated assaults. 

Academic Campuses and Code of Conduct Enforcement

In addition to criminal charges, colleges and universities have disciplinary processes that may be triggered if a student is arrested. However, the extent and nature of these actions can vary widely depending on the policies of the specific college or university, the severity of the alleged offense, and if the arrest occurred on or off campus.

 Many colleges have codes of conduct that outline expected behaviors and standards for students. The college may initiate disciplinary proceedings if a student’s arrest is related to behaviors that violate these codes or threaten the campus community’s safety. A disciplinary hearing may be scheduled if the college believes there is sufficient evidence that the student violated campus policies. During the hearing, the student can present their side of the story and provide any relevant evidence.

 Sanctions imposed may be probation, suspension, or expulsion from the school. The outcome of a disciplinary process and a criminal charge are separate matters. Even if acquitted in criminal court, a student may face disciplinary action from the college. 

The AP Law Group Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

College is a time of growth and self-discovery. One mistake should not define your entire future. At The AP Law Group, we navigate the criminal justice system and a college or university’s disciplinary processes to ensure the best possible outcome. By fighting for your rights and advocating on your behalf, we are helping you invest in a brighter tomorrow.

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