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Fighting Against Money Laundering Charges in Ocala

Money Laundering in the State of Florida

Money laundering is the concealment of illegally obtained money by making financial transactions of the illegal funds into legitimate financial systems or businesses.  The transfer of illegally obtained funds can be deposited to an individual, a business, or an organization, to conceal the crime and the origin of the funds. The offense of money laundering is governed by the Florida Money Laundering Act, although both state and federal charges may apply.  Criminal laws against money laundering were initially created in an attempt to control organized crime during the prohibition period in the 1930’s, regarding the illegal sale of alcohol. Today, money laundering schemes are utilized by tax evaders, insider traders, terrorist organizations, drug traffickers, cyber criminals, and other illegal operations.

According to Florida state law, money that is generated through criminal activities and is concealed by money laundering is punishable by the following:

  • Money transactions from $300 up to $20,000 are third degree felony charges and penalties can include up to five years in prison.
  • Money transactions from $20,000 up to $100,000 are second degree felony charges and penalties can include up to fifteen years in prison.
  • Money transactions that are over $100,000 are a first degree felony and penalties can include up to thirty years in prison.
  •  For non-citizens, legal sanctions can include deportation.  If convicted for money laundering, the fines imposed are usually twice the amount of the transaction and for those that have a second offense, the fine can be up to four times the value of the transaction.

What to Do About a Money Laundering Charge  

An arrest for money laundering is a serious offense and it is vital that you retain a criminal law defense attorney.  Attorneys Alavi and Pozzuto, of The AP Law Group, are seasoned lawyers with court room and criminal trial experience on both the state and federal level.  We provide an aggressive defense for our clients that are being investigated or prosecuted for money laundering charges. Money laundering investigations are very complex and it is best to negotiate prior to charges being filed, for the best possible outcome.

Contact The AP Law Group About a Money Laundering Charge

In the conviction of a money laundering crime, the prosecutor must provide evidence that the defendant intended to promote illegal activities and had the knowledge that the transactions were illegal.  There must be proof that the defendant knew that the money was proceeds from illegal activity. Regardless of the circumstances, an experienced criminal defense team can analyze the evidence and provide a strategic defense. The AP Law Group has over 55 years combined legal experience in criminal defense, and we will fight to clear your name and preserve your freedom. Contact us at 352-732-9191.