The Implications of Being Charged With DUI in Florida


WFTV News recently reported that a Marion County man is facing eight charges, including being charged with DUI after he allegedly attempted to elude authorities in a chase. Authorities and the video evidence obtained afterward indicate … Read More

Tragic Fires, Accident or Arson?


Around the globe, there has been very devastating news about fires that are ravaging lands, destroying cities and national monuments. In our own state of Florida, each year, there are thousands of acres of land … Read More

Jury opts for lesser charge

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Lawyers- Criminal, Family, Personal Injury

OCALA – William Wilkus, 55, was acquitted on three capital sexual battery charges on a 5-year-old girl Thursday, but the jury found him guilty of lewd and lascivious conduct. “Obviously, the jury worked really hard … Read More

McNair found not guilty

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Alavi, Bird, Pozzuto | McNair found not guilty

OCALA – Derrick McNair laid his head down on the table in front of him Friday after jurors declared him not guilty of murder. Both McNair and court spectators appeared stunned when Circuit Judge William … Read More