Elderly Man suffering from nursing home neglect

We Handle Nursing Home Claims of Neglect and Malpractice

The AP Law Group has over 55 years of combined legal experience in the state of Florida and can assist you with your medical malpractice or negligence case. Nursing home negligence is a form of elder abuse that occurs when substandard care is rendered, causing physical or psychological harm to the elderly and disabled residents in that setting. It was reported by the United States Department of Health and Human Services from 2013-2017, 31% of nursing homes nationwide were cited for the quality of care issues at least five times. Nursing home neglect has been the focus of frequent media attention, in response to concerns about the nursing home quality of care. This has shaken consumer confidence and trust, escalating the frequency of allegations and litigation. Nursing homes are highly regulated by federal and state regulations. Non-compliance with standards and regulations can suspend or revoke their main payment sources, which are Medicare and Medicaid. This significantly impacts their financial viability.

 Nursing Home Negligence is Categorized by the Following:

  • Medical neglect, which includes, but is not limited to, bedsores, diagnostic errors, falls, medication errors, infections, and wrongful death.
  • Basic needs are nutrition and hydration and a clean, safe living environment.
  • Personal hygiene includes bathing, laundry services, and dental care.
  • Social or emotional neglect is isolation, unkind treatment, and a lack of social or emotional stimulation.

A nursing home is expected to provide a duty of care for its residents. In a legal proceeding, the plaintiff will have to provide evidence that there was a breach in the duty of providing adequate care, with causation and incurred damages. In defending an allegation of nursing home negligence or malpractice, it is necessary to have expert testimony to explain the appropriate practices of care given to an aging person.  

The AP Law Group Takes Aggressive Action For Claims of Negligence and Malpractice

Nursing home administrators, physicians, and staff have a professional and ethical responsibility to care for their nursing home patients. Despite this, nursing home negligence and malpractice still occurs. Contact us or call 352 732 9191 for a consultation and we will begin a careful review of all the circumstances surrounding your claim to provide a comprehensive approach to your unique situation.