Pre-arrest police questioning

Pre-Arrest Legal Counsel is a Proactive Approach to your Defense

We Can Help Guide You Before an Arrest is Made

There are pre-arrest issues that require a proactive approach to protect your rights and your future. Perhaps you’ve been contacted by law enforcement or the state attorney’s office for questioning in regards to an investigation of a crime.  It is best to exercise your 5th amendment rights by not communicating with the authorities without the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. The attorneys at The AP Law Group have over 55 years combined legal experience handling criminal defense cases in the state of Florida, and we can help you before an attempt to arrest you is made. What may appear to be an innocuous interrogation by law enforcement may actually be assisting them to secure evidence against you in order to issue a warrant for your arrest and subsequent conviction of a crime.

The early intervention of a criminal defense attorney can forestall an arrest and this approach can be the difference between a criminal conviction or charges not being filed. If you feel that a criminal complaint has been filed against you, this is the time to retain legal services. The AP Law Group is a dedicated team of attorneys that have successfully defended their clients in a wide range of complex cases, including the defense of misdemeanor, felonies, and federal crimes. During an ongoing law enforcement investigation, The AP Law Group can provide many pre-arrest services on your behalf. We can gather information from law enforcement or conduct an independent investigation of the evidence.

The AP Law Group can Help You Avoid Making Mistakes that Could Put You in Legal Jeopardy

Pre-diversion programs and pre-trial interventions are alternatives offered by the criminal justice system for non-violent misdemeanor and felony offenses, especially for substance abuse and mental health issues.  These programs allow law enforcement and the court system to use their discretion and offer community services instead of an arrest or a criminal conviction.  Services can include counseling, restitution, letters of apology to the victim, anger management, or conflict resolution classes. If you have been offered a pre-diversion program or a pre-trial intervention, it is best to consult with us to discuss if this is in your best interest.

Get in Touch with Gainesville and Ocala Criminal Defense Attorneys about Pre-Arrest Issues

The AP Law Group has strategies that provide a proactive approach in defending our clients when they are investigated or accused of violating state or federal laws. Your right to counsel begins even before charges have been filed. We will work diligently to prevent an arrest from being made.  If the prosecutor decides to file criminal charges, we can fight for your rights and construct a strong defense from pre-arrest status through court room litigation. Contact us online or call us for more information today at (352) 732-9191.