Prescription Drug Crimes

Protecting Your Rights in Ocala For Prescription Drug Charges

The Abuse of Prescription Drugs

The improper usage of prescription drugs in this country is a serious public health problem. Federal and state laws attempt to curtail the illegal possession of prescription drugs with regulatory strategies and harsh penalties for the possession, sale, manufacturing, or trafficking of these substances. A criminal record from a drug charge can greatly impact your future. Before you speak to law enforcement about an alleged crime, call The AP Law Group for counsel and representation. With over 55 years combined experience in handling criminal law, we will help you in building a strong and appropriate defense.

Florida Drug Charges and Penalties

The State of Florida has implemented an electronic prescription drug monitoring system, allowing healthcare practitioners to make informed drug dispensing decisions by viewing their patients’ drug histories online. The penalties for having prescription drugs that are not prescribed for you are based on a federal drug classification system and there are five classes of drugs:

  • Schedule I drugs are not prescribed by physicians and they have the highest potential for abuse. These include heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and other potent drugs. Possession and intent to sell these drugs is a first-degree felony.
  • Schedule II drugs are prescribed by physicians, with restricted usage in the United States. Examples are Demerol, methadone, Percocet, and adderall.
  • Schedule III drugs have a moderate or low potential for psychological or physical dependence. These drugs include steroids, ketamine, Tylenol with codeine, suboxone, and others.
  • Schedule IV drugs have a lower potential for abuse, such as xanax, klonopin, valium, and lorazepam
  • Schedule V drugs are those with the lowest potential for abuse, such as robitussin AC and phenergan with codeine.

Illegal possession of schedule II, III, or IV drugs are a second or third degree felony, depending on the drug involved and the amount. Possession of a schedule V drug that has not been prescribed for you is a first-degree misdemeanor. Those persons with a substantial amount of illegal prescription drugs can be charged with trafficking. The amount and type of the drug determines the penalty and there are higher penalties if you sell illegal prescriptions near schools, churches, parks, or daycare centers.

The AP Law Group Works Diligently to Mitigate or Dismiss Charges

Prescription drug convictions are aggressively pursued by prosecutors. In prescription drug crimes, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, the elements of each specific drug charge. It is essential to have an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side to negotiate these charges. Misdemeanor penalties can result in court ordered participation in a diversion program, or jail time and a fine. Felony convictions can carry lengthy, sometimes life, imprisonments and hefty fines. The AP Law Group, in Ocala, Florida can protect your rights. We are dedicated criminal defense attorneys that defend our clients accused of a misdemeanor, felony, and federal crimes. Prescription drug crimes are a serious matter and require a serious and strong defense. Contact us at 352-732-9191 for more information.