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We Protect Your Rights in Allegations of Sex Crimes in Florida

What are Sex Crimes in Florida?

Sex crime offenses in the State of Florida are defined as one person forcing another into a sexual act against their will or a crime with a sexual motive.  Commonly prosecuted sexual offenses include, but are not limited to, sexual battery and assault, rape, child molestation, internet sex crimes including child pornography, sexual misconduct, incest, and lewd and lascivious offenses. Sex crimes are felony offenses and a conviction can lead to severe legal consequences.  Defendants that are convicted of a sex crime are required to serve a mandatory prison sentence and once released to the community, they are on sex offender probation and placed on the sex offender registry.

Common Penalties for Sexual Crimes in Florida

Penalties for convicted sexual offenders are harsh as they are sentenced to years in prison, sometimes for life. Some examples are; sexual battery has the most severe penalties, with convicted felons serving nine years to life imprisonment.  Unlawful sex with a minor and statutory rape carries a penalty of five years to fifteen years incarceration. Lewd offenses carry a minimum penalty of sex offender probation and up to fifteen years in prison. In sentencing, the court takes into account the ages of the defendant and the victim and the circumstances of the crime.  An offender can face a mandatory twenty five years in prison if they caused serious personal injury, used or threatened to use a deadly weapon, committed the offense to multiple persons or has a history of a conviction for a sex crime.

When returning to the community, sex offenders and sexual predators maintain a social stigma that can include loss of family, friends and custody of their children.  They are unable to obtain professional licenses or obtain student loans and must register on the sex offender or predator list that is open for public viewing.  Sexual predators of children have lifetime sex predator registration that mandates serious restrictions regarding where they can live and be employed.

The AP Law Group has Seasoned Trial Attorneys that can Challenge Sex Crime Allegations

In defending an alleged offender, The AP Law Group investigates evidence to produce a strong defense of the client. With over 55 years combined experience representing Floridians facing criminal charges, we can assist you with the details of your case. If you are being charged with a sex crime, contact us or call The AP Law Group at 352-732-9191 for aggressive representation.