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A Supreme Court justice appointment is one of the most important decisions a President can make. Supreme Court justices serve for life. They play a critical role in interpreting the Constitution and upholding the rule of law. Supreme Court justices rule on cases that affect the lives of all Americans.

   Appointing a Supreme Court Justice is a rigorous process and involves both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full Senate. The Judiciary Committee conducts formal hearings on the nomination, after which it votes on whether to send the nomination to the full Senate. The next step is for the full Senate to vote and confirm or not confirm the nominee.

A Nominee Dedicated to Equal Justice Under the Law

   In searching for a replacement for retired Justice Stephen G. Breyer in the United States Supreme Court, President Biden has nominated Federal Appellate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve as an Associate Justice. If confirmed, she will be the first former Public Defender ever appointed as a Supreme Court Justice. In addition, she will become the third African American Justice to serve the Supreme Court.

   Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an exceptionally qualified nominee with a deep understanding and passion for upholding the Constitution, knowing the profound impact that the law has on the American people’s lives. She appreciates how critical it is for the law to be fair and impartial.

About Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

   Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1992. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1996. When serving as Justice Breyer’s law clerk, he described her as “brilliant” and a “mix of common sense and “thoughtfulness.” She worked for four elite law firms and then spent two years as a Public Defender. In 2010, Judge Jackson was appointed with bipartisan support as the Vice-Chair of the United States Sentencing Commission, where she ensured that federal sentences were just and proportionate.

    Judge Jackson was confirmed and appointed as a district court judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in 2013. With bipartisan support, she was confirmed to serve at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2021. On February 25, 2022, she received the nomination from President Biden to become a United States Supreme Court Justice.

The Importance of a Supreme Court Justice with a Criminal Defense Background

   Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has the experience and qualifications necessary to serve on the Supreme Court and as an impactful Justice. She has a distinguished record as a defense attorney. In that capacity, she represented clients in high-profile Supreme Court cases, including representing detainees at Guantanamo Bay. She also served as Special Counsel to the United States Deputy Attorney General from 2009 to 2011.

    As a Public Defender, she has seen the criminal justice system through the eyes of the vulnerable. There has not been a defense attorney in the Supreme Court since Thurgood Marshall died in 1991. An appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson would help rebalance powers in our nation’s highest court. Her presence would ensure that all perspectives involving fundamental rights are considered. She would bring much-needed diversity to the nation’s highest court.

Bipartisan Support for the Nomination

   Her colleagues widely respect Judge Jackson on the bench and across the legal spectrum. Supreme Court nominations are often contentious. However, several Democrats and Republicans have praised Judge Jackson’s nomination. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called her “an impressive nominee” who is “widely respected by her colleagues.” Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has described Judge Jackson as “a brilliant lawyer with superb judgment, who crafts rigorous legal arguments and is unfailingly respectful of her opponents and the court.”

   Despite this, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination does face opposition from some Republicans. After her nomination, Senator Lindsay Graham (R- South Carolina) stated that the “radical left” had won. Some Republican senators have stated they will oppose her nomination because Judge Jackson is considered a progressive nominee, and conservative justices currently dominate the Supreme Court.

The AP Law Group Supports the United States Supreme Court Justice Nominee

   At The AP Law Group, we believe in fundamental constitutional rights. Every person accused of criminal conduct is entitled to quality legal counsel and a meticulous defense. As criminal defense attorneys, our role is to serve as a defendant’s legal guide, protector, and confidant. We look forward to having a United States Supreme Court Justice who shares our perspective and advocates for those in need.

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