Tax Evasion Crime

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Tax Evasion and Non-Compliance with the Internal Revenue Service

The AP Law Group handles a variety of criminal defense cases in the state of Florida, with over 55 years combined legal experience in criminal cases such as tax evasion and tax fraud. Tax evasion is an illegal activity that occurs when a person or a business entity knowingly and willfully does not pay income taxes that are owed to the Internal Revenue Service. Tax evasion is a federal offense with a variety of sanctions imposed on non-compliant taxpayers. Failure to pay the correct amount of taxes, if the funds and assets are intentionally concealed, is fraud. Instances of fraud include using a false name or social security number entered on a tax return, which is also the crime of identity theft. Non-compliance, which includes inaccurately reporting your earnings and profits to evade the assessment or payment of taxes, is another form of fraud. The Internal Revenue Service becomes aware of tax evasion schemes through an audit or reports from a third party that have knowledge about another’s non-compliance, oftentimes a disgruntled employee, co-worker, or ex-spouse. Other instances of tax evasion are business entities that deduct taxes from their employees and do not give the money to the IRS, individuals and business entities claiming false deductions and listing personal expenses as corporate expenses. Regardless of the alleged crime, the penalties against IRS fraud or non-compliance can be harsh and lead to hefty fines and possible incarceration.

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Tax evasion is a serious criminal charge with harsh penalties for a conviction that can include incarceration up to five years and fines that can reach $250,000 for an individual and $500,000 for a business entity. The attorneys at The AP Law Group are seasoned criminal defense lawyers that can provide quality representation to defend your rights in federal court. We can represent you during an IRS audit, an appeal of audit results, tax litigation proceedings, penalty appeals, and payments regarding tax liens, wage garnishments and levies to resolve your issues.

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Tax laws are complex, technical, and many legal issues can arise when taxes are done improperly or when allegations of tax evasion or fraud are made against you. A good defense includes being fully informed about your situation and your options. Our criminal defense attorneys can assist you in your tax resolution. Contact The AP Law Group for more information at 352-732-9191.