This is how our clients feel about our work:

I was very satisfied with Ms.Alavi’s services. She was always prompt with returning my calls and answering any questions I had and if she didn’t know the answer there was no hesitation finding and answering any I had. Ms. Alavi was always extremely polite and never judgemental which is very important in that particular profession. I would not hesitate to recommend her because of the reasons above and because I believe she was very thorough, honest, and got me a better sentence than I expected by far. — Anonymous client

I highly recommend Tania to anyone in need of great legal representation. She was always honest and easy to get a hold of. She took the time to answer my questions and guided me through a process I didn’t fully understand at first. I am extremely thankful for her knowledge, kindness, and professionalism during these past few months. I don’t know what I would have done without her in my corner. — Erin

This is the best legal team, criminal or otherwise, that I have come across in over 40 years. They are real people that really care about their client, not their checking account. — Mark

What a great guy! He had a great insight into the subject matter at hand. He was quick with comebacks and ideas under pressured situations. Andrew was not only professional but prepared. I would more than recommend him to represent someone. — Jordan

I can only say GREAT things about Mrs. Alavi. I met with her for a consultation on or about 3 months ago, in regards to my son. She took the time to sit with me and talk for a lengthy period of time, she comforted me, she did not rush me, she listens and showed compassion. I hired her on the spot. Mrs. Alavi took the time to answer my emails immediately, even called me on Sundays to answer… — Carmen

The Best There Is! I cannot thank Tania enough for the work she did for me. She fought for me and won and has fought for her other client in court with great results. It was obvious the judge and opposing side respected her. She Lewis returned calls no matter what time of the evening and stayed true to her word. — Patrick

In 2010, my husband was arrested on a sex charge. I was told by another highly rated attorney in Ocala, that Tania was the ONLY lawyer he would recommend for such a charge…she was the BEST in the county! We hired her, she took our case, and the results were amazing. She and her entire staff are HIGHLY recommending by us if you want a good outcome. — Sally

Excellent! I would recommend Tania Alavi to anyone who needs a good attorney. I felt at ease through the whole court process. She is very professional and does a great job. — Anonymous Client

When I was sure I was never going to find a lawyer who would take my case and help me, Mr. Pozzuto stepped up and offered his assistance. If it weren’t for Mr. Pozzuto I would have suffered more than just minor inconvenience, but difficulty in future employment efforts, and I am happy to say that thanks to Mr. Pozzuto, this is not the case. — Anonymous Client