Tractor Trailer Accident Liability

We Understand the Complexities of Tractor Trailer Accident Liability

Trailer Truck Accidents in Florida

Tractor trailers are large commercial vehicles, weighing twenty or thirty times more than passenger vehicles and their massive force and size have the potential to cause catastrophic property and personal injury damages in a motor vehicle collision.  In determining damages incurred by an accident, the responsibility can be shared by the driver, the employer, the tractor trailer company, the tractor trailer manufacturer, the loading company or the facility that provides maintenance on the tractor trailer.

The possibilities of multiple defendants create many complexities in a personal injury or property damage lawsuit and require the skill and resources of a tractor trailer accident attorney.  The AP Law Group is an experienced law firm of dedicated defense attorneys that can represent the tractor trailer driver or any of the multiple defendants in civil or criminal charges in a trucking accident. Tractor trailer accident litigation is a negligence lawsuit and attorneys Alavi & Pozzuto will protect your rights and your reputation.

If you have a tractor trailer accident, it is vitally important that you secure legal representation immediately, to begin a thorough investigation.  Some of the variables in tractor trailer accidents are truck maintenance issues, traffic flow interruptions, drug or alcohol usage, speed, weather and road conditions, driver familiarity with the roadway, improper cargo loading, and the comparative fault of the victim or an unidentified vehicle’s negligence. The burden is on the plaintiff to prove negligence and any of these variables can significantly affect liability.

 The AP Law Firm can thoroughly examine the evidence, including, but not limited to:

  • Interviews of personnel that was present on the day of the accident, such as law enforcement, rescue and hospital staff and the towing company.
  • Examining documents such as maintenance records, tractor trailer logs, inspection reports and employment records.
  • The hiring of expert witnesses that will analyze the tractor trailer and provide court testimony on your behalf.
  • Interviews with witnesses to the accident and video footage, if available.
  • Medical reports of the tractor trailer driver and the victim.
  • Training and certifications of the tractor trailer driver and past traffic violations of the driver and the victim.

In the settlement of a tractor trailer accident, there can be numerous insurance companies involved in a claim. If a tractor trailer driver suffers from an injury that arises out of employment, including a collision, they may be covered by worker’s compensation.  Exceptions to this are if the driver is willfully negligent such as driving under the influence or not following company rules, such as not taking mandated breaks or driving too many hours in a day, which is prohibited by the company.  There are insurance adjusters and lawyers to represent the plaintiff and each of the possible, multiple defendants in a claim.

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